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The Sublime Facial is designed with your senses in mind and a focus on your complete relaxation & stress relief.

Using the highest quality skincare that is not readily available in Canada, you will experience these exquisite and clean ingredients through cleansing, exfoliation, sheet & jelly masks, hydrating & brightening serums,

as well as facial and eye hydration.

Facial and decolletage massage and steam, along with aromatherapy and music create a fully relaxing sensory journey.


Ayurveda understands that our feelings, relationships, and even our soul’s longings, all affect our health.

We know that when we forge a connection to our whole being, we step through a doorway to a more open consciousness, and greater health and happiness.

Welcome to the beautiful Surya line from internationally recognized Ayurvedic Expert Martha Soffer.



Balancing Face Oil and Collagen Cream work in tandem to nourish and restore the suppleness of your deep epidermis, as well as your skin’s uppermost layers, producing that elusive and lasting glow. Our Calming Lip Therapy soothes and protects the hardest-working facial tissues, and our Kansa wand, tipped on both ends with an ancient bronze alloy that’s both thermally and electrically conductive, invigorates the skin, and in the using of it, produces profound calm.


The beauty of a simple egg is in its balance of nutrition and design.

With this in mind, we hatched Superegg, a vegan egg that powers your skin’s well-being.

Formulated to match an egg's nutritional value through 100% vegan ingredients, our plant-based egg beauty rituals restore and balance your skin to a smooth radiant complexion. 

Clean and cruelty-free, Superegg formulas are made with you and our planet in mind.

superegg skincare
founder of superegg skincare

Erica Choi is the founder of Superegg and a New York licensed esthetician.
As the leading lifestyle influencer behind Egg Canvas and the former VP of Digital Design of Barneys New York, she has worked for over a decade partnering with renowned brands in the luxury fashion, beauty, and hospitality industry. Her skincare line was founded based on meaningful, honest values, weaving in three important themes in her life – eggs, beauty, and balance. It's easy.

surya skin care discovery set
founder of Surya skincare

With retailer partners like Barney's New York and Holt Renfrew Canada, we are in good company

and I am very proud to bring this exquisite line to Saskatchewan. You will experience the products in your

Sublime Facial and the products are also available in-store for retail so you can experience them at home

as part of your daily skincare ritual.


You are not a collection of flaws to be fixed. What makes you different is what makes

you powerful and strong. At the heart of Om is an appreciation for who we are as individuals and the unique gifts we each bring to the world. We’ll speak the truth, unfiltered and unretouched, and we’ll celebrate each other as we are...beautifully made.


“I spent many years working as an esthetician.

Although I had access to the ‘best’ skincare products,I could never seem to manage my skin struggles: extremely sensitive, reactive, and breakout-prone.

I started creating my own with plant-based formulations and saw a drastic improvement in

the health of my skin. I began a three-year journey of intensive study into

the world of natural cosmetics.

My passion, vision, and excitement for green beauty took hold.

They have become deeply rooted in every part of Om.”

OM Organics Skincare

Pure, plant-based, totally clean skincare.
No synthetic colour or fragrance.
No fillers parabens or sulphates.
No toxic chemicals or harsh ingredients.
Cruelty-free, gluten-free, vegan.
Safe for moms-to-be.
Handcrafted in Canada.

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