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I am honoured to often be asked by you for product advice whether it's during a service in-studio or from tutorial videos on my social media.
Sometimes I can offer the best product from the selection of beautiful brands that I carry in my store but I will often recommend a brand that I don't carry if it means the product that I think is best for you or that you love is offered elsewhere. 
I am expanding my business to now include affiliate brand referrals. What this means is that when you visit my store to shop, have a service, or if something catches your eye on my social media, I will now have the ability to link you 
directly to the product and I will receive a commission from the brand, should you choose to purchase it online.
I always try to innovate in any way I can to bring new services, products, and ways to stay sustainable enough to continue to bring you the best that I can as a local small business.

I have always and will always continue to be completely honest about what I think is a great fit for your skin type, skin tone, lifestyle, and preferences. Partnering with external brands while earning commissions will never interfere with my integrity and I will always strive to bring you the very best fit for you as an individual.
I will also share my own "can't be without" beauty products, the newest and best products on the market as they are released, and the staples in my professional kit! My promise is to always partner with brands that meet my standards of excellence, and products that I truly love and want to share with you in the sometimes overwhelming sea of beauty brands. I will never recommend a product that I wouldn't use myself.

Thank you for your continued support and watch this space!


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